Desperately seeking school supplies.

Waves of well-dressed kiddos are flooding into classrooms (and your Facebook feed) today as proud parents send their little ones back to school.

My oldest daughter will start Kindergarten next week. Six months ago, I was provided with a very, very specific list of school supplies that must accompany her. I had planned to collect these items early, but (as could have been predicted) I ended up on a shopping rampage during the last weekend of August.

In case you’re curious, here are the five stages of school supply shopping:

Staples #1: Find one of three required glue sticks in disappearing purple, sheet protectors and ‘fat’ felt markers. What are felt markers? Are they just markers?? Crayons (24-pack) sold out.

Staples #2: Find two more sticks of disappearing purple glue, ½” periwinkle binder (must be this size and colour), ‘thin’ felt markers. Still unsure about the markers. Crayons (24-pack) sold out.

Target: Find project glue, box of tissues. Crayons (24-pack) sold out.

Walmart: Find Crayons (24-pack) in check-out line near gum.

Starbucks: Celebratory latte.

To be honest I’m thrilled to join the club of panicked parents roaming the aisles of an office supply store, searching desperately for a pack of pencils. And grateful to have the means to do it. I love this season and I’m excited for my daughter to hop on that yellow bus next week.

Let’s just hope I get her there on time.

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