The baby-sitters club

Last night my husband and I were able to do something we haven’t done in a long, long while: date night.

I was thrilled when I scored (paid an exorbitant amount of money for) tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld here in Calgary. I bought them months ago and presented them to my husband on his birthday like a jeweled-encrusted crown on a velvet pillow. He went nuts (both when he saw the tickets and the credit card statement, but he eventually recovered. It’s Seinfeld!!)

As the comedy date approached, however, we started to panic. We’ve been without a reliable babysitter for over a year.

We live and love to live in Calgary. But finding a reliable babysitter in this town is like winning the lottery. Especially if you have three kids who are still relatively young and require more than a little coercing at bedtime.

In times like these it’s really hard to live 5000 km away from our parents, who are willing and able to sit for free. (There are other hard times too, like holidays, and birthdays, and other date nights).

The few local family and friends we do have were all, sadly but understandably, unavailable.

We did know a lovely fifteen-year-old who was often available and great with our girls, but this was before we had our third baby, moved to a different neighbourhood, and she discovered the inexplicable yet apparently unavoidable charm of teenage boys.

Author’s note: She also made me feel a tad over-the-hill while driving her home after a Bob Dylan concert. (“Is that a band?”) But that’s neither here nor there.

A week before the show, we were still considering our options. One of which was to sell the tickets and use the money to buy two weeks worth of groceries, but … it’s Seinfeld!! Jerry Seinfeld is my husband’s favourite entertainer who is and ever was. We were making this happen.

Luckily, for some reason, I have been blessed with a few fantastic friends here in Calgary. Wonderful, generous friends who charitably share their golden ticket babysitter info with me in times of great need.

And last night went off without a hitch. Our sitter was perfect, Seinfeld was HILARIOUS and our minds are already racing with ideas for our new-found freedom. Dinner? Movie? Driving around aimlessly just because we can?!

I’m ecstatic. And I am truly reflecting on whether I would be that generous and share the number to a great sitter with a friend in need.

Well, now I know one. But I think we’ll be keeping her pretty busy.

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