My mentor, my self

I still remember the October day that I got the email from the Writers’ Guild of Alberta because it was also the day that I took my two youngest daughters to get our flu shots. I had been forced (due to my lack of parallel parking skills) to park blocks away from the flu clinic in a disorienting maze of Crests and Coves and Crescents and was forced (due to their sudden affliction of ‘sore feet’) to carry my needle-poked toddlers in my own needle-poked arms all the way back to our lost van. But I was happy, because while waiting the obligatory 15 minutes après injection (ok, 9 minutes), I got this email from the Writers’ Guild of Alberta:

Dear Shannon, 

I’m so pleased to let you know that you’ve been chosen as one of our apprentices for the 2016 Mentorship Program…

Just hours before, I had also received an acceptance email for the Correspondence Program for the Humber School for Writers. I had applied for it and the WGA mentorship program in early September, hoping for a long shot at either. I remember thinking both programs were prestigious, intense and probably for people much more serious than me, but hey, what the hell. Why not apply?

I was surprised, even giddy (due slightly to flu shot) to be accepted to both.

I declined my acceptance to the Humber School for Writers (another time) and gladly accepted my place as an apprentice with the Writers’ Guild. I’ve been a member of the WGA for a few years, but I haven’t felt a part of it. I’ve met great people and attended great events, but I can’t wait to feel a part of it through this program.

Of course, there’s more to this commitment than just the acceptance part. I actually have to work. I was linked with my mentor, author Lee Kvern, whose credentials, I learned that day, were as long as my sore arm and who I’m already afraid I’ll disappoint. I’m one of five apprentices* who will work with mentors to create and shape and (hopefully) complete our writing projects by the end of the program in May.

Work begins in January.

*Note that the seemingly least qualified in this list of friendly writer faces is yours truly. Can you tell by my photo that I spent over an hour in my living room trying to snap something without a toddler photo bomb? I look tired. Do I always look tired? (I am always tired, but that’s beside the point.)

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