Log jam

When I applied for the Writers’ Guild of Alberta Mentorship Program, there were very clear expectations of time.

As far as I’ve been told, this is a competitive program for serious people. (I’m still waiting for the note rescinding my acceptance: “It seems as though your submission fell into the wrong pile. Please return any hopes, dreams and congratulatory messages you may have received due to this error. Our apologies”

This program also requires a lot of time. It’s quite specific, actually. So when I was estimating my capacity to make time, to have time available for this project, I did what I always do. I didn’t get too specific.

(It’s like pouring wine or managing our household budget. These things aren’t meant to be exact. Right?*)

Well, we’re three days into this writing thing, and I’m already running out of time. I’m also probably running out of money (I dunno, I haven’t looked at the budget lately) and I’m definitely out of wine.

But I am serious about this. (And very competitive.) So today I completed one of the program recommendations and created a time log. For the next month, I’ve identified several pockets of time for writing, revising and meeting with my (awesome) new mentor. Who, by the way, has already handed me her thorough, thoughtful, relevant edits for my first submission. And is currently editing my second submission as I type this post. Which means I’m officially out of words.

Time to get writing.

(Authors note: I would use this time to write, but according to my newly created log, the next hour is reserved for Internet research. Unrelated to writing. So if you need me, I will be refreshing #MakingAMurderer on my Twitter feed. I LOVE being organized!)

*My husband informs me that apparently yes, budgets must be exact.

One thought on “Log jam

  1. I’m with you on the inexact science of pouring wine. I would love a sneak peak at anything you are working on if you are inclined to share. Schedules are only worth the paper they are written on if you have accountability to someone, anyone, even the cat, who may or may not give you the one-eyed glare if you miss a deadline. Task apps are fine too, but easier to ignore than real humans. “Oh my phone died and I missed my reminder to write. Oops.”


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