I am originally from rural Nova Scotia, raised in a rich tradition of storytelling. My love of writing began in secondary school—I still cherish the memories of my favourite English teachers, even those (especially those) who sent me to the office for “being a distraction” and having “a complete disregard for other people’s time.” I currently live and write in Calgary, AB with my husband and three daughters (who, according to their teachers, are surprisingly well-behaved).

In 2016, I was selected as one of Five New Alberta Voices through the Writers’ Guild of Alberta Mentorship Program for a project in fiction. I’ve studied creative writing through the University of Calgary Continuing Education program and the prestigious Humber School for Writers.


You can reach me by visiting the contact page.


One thought on “About

  1. Was looking for your phone # and found your site. You’re an awesome writer (and funny as hell).
    I always had the dream of writing a book someday but it appears I have lots of work to do… butat lest i have no intention of scaring little children 🤔


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